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Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong

Well, it’s happened again, another gamer in Ohio was hospitalized after playing Modern Warfare 3 for, get this, 4 days straight. Seriously, 4 days? Really? This kid went 4 days straight and then finally succumbed to the effects of dehydration.

I Love This Game A Little Too Much…

This kid in Ohio isn’t the only one though. Last month, a teenager in Taiwan actually died after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight. The cause of death? A blood clot formed from sitting too long. Before him, another gamer died back in May when he played Diablo 3 for 72 hours straight. The cause of death on that one was a heart attack.

The War On Video Games

Video games in general have enough to worry about. They’re constantly attacked by the government and parental groups about the violence they contain and the affects it has on the youth. They have to battle against censorship and obscenity laws. They even have to fight to just be considered artwork.

Are You That Gamer?

Now, in addition to all of that, games have to take the blame for the gamers deaths because some of us don’t know how to play them right.

Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong, Game Crazy

So for those people that haven’t figured it out yet, I’m going to write down a few tips you can follow that will enable you to sit down for a video game marathon and live to talk about it.


Don’t just sit down and start playing. If you know you’re in it for the long haul, get some supplies together first i.e. water, food, and general things that can help you stay alive.

Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong, Game Crazy

Windows Are Your New Best Friend

Play in a room with windows – I know this might be hard for some people but things are serious now. If you have to sit down for hours or possibly days to play a video game, it’s handy to have a window near by. This way you can see when it’s night and day quickly. Some games might not allow you enough time to check a phone or clock but you always have time to sneak a peak at the window.

Let ‘Em Know

Tell someone what you plan to do – If you’re planning on being away for a while gaming, tell a friend or family member before you start. That way, when you don’t show up for work or school for a week a friend can say “Well, last time I talked to him he told me he had just bought Diablo 3, does that help any officer?”

Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong, Game Crazy

Know The Difference

Stop the insanity – This is the easiest one to follow. If you’re playing a video game and the Mountain Dew bottle next to you starts looking like a good place to pee or worse, STOP PLAYING. If you start thinking things like “If work really needs me, they’ll call me.” STOP PLAYING. If you see your spirit animal sitting next you while you’re playing, STOP PLAYING…or put on some Doors music, either one.

Any Questions?

There you go guys, hopefully you find that list helpful. Feel free to print out a copy and post it near your gaming area. That way, if you’re not sure if you’ve been playing too long you’ll have something you can check to find out. Who knows, it might save your life some day.

Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong, Game Crazy

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