The new is a gaming news curator. That’s the best way to classify our unique social scoring algorithm. Social what, you ask?

After all this time away, we wanted to create something truly unique, worthy of the strong Game Crazy brand. We decided to develop a tool that would make all of us, game crazies, more efficient at knowing what’s popular. This way, your search for news doesnt need to span across multiple sites – brings them all to you, ranked by popularity, using our Social Scoring Algorithm.

The Game Crazy Social Scoring Algorithm

THe algorithm brings constant stream of the best video gaming content on the internet right to you. It determines their social score (displayed next to the flame icon) and ranks them accordingly. This is completely automated.

The entire interface is designed so you have access to all the gaming info that matters, instantly, in an easy-to-digest interface.

The Voice Of

Because we’re not completely dependent on machines, we brought an editor that will keep THE GC BLOG updated. He really knows his stuff.

Overall, you’re in for a treat. But just in case we missed anything, feel free to visit the support page.

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