NECA Brings Portal 2 to life. Mostly.

Okay, you can’t actually make portals and jump through walls yet, like in the Valve game that I can’t seem to stop playing, ever, like I’m doing it right now why are you bothering me, but short of that, NECA’s latest Portal 2 goodies are about as close as you can get. Nerd out with me, if you will:

Did you see those socks? I mean, seriously — THE SOCKS!! I’ve heard of “game accurate” before, but when was the last time you heard of someone going to that kind of length?

Sorry junior. You’re out of your league.


We’ve been sweating NECA’s Portal items for a while now, but the jumpsuit and the Chell’s Long-fall boot socks — not to mention the stand you can put your new replica gun on! — they all bring it to a new level entirely (pun half intended).

It’s hard not to look at that video above and think of the baddest-ass Halloween ever, and with the drawstring pants on the jumpsuit, the Aperture Science logo and every detail spot on (check out the full specs at NECA’s special Portal 2012 site), your weird Portal 2 fantasies just got a little closer to realities.

Cosplay. You’re doing it wrong.

Just the tip

All this stuff just really made its premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con, so stick around, because we’ll have a lot more to come — geekish slobbering included — about Portal and these collectible Portal 2 takemhomes.

Preorder your Portal 2 gun and gear at NECA’s Portal website.

Tell them GameCrazy sent you. They’ll like that.

Just because it’s so awesome I have to stop and watch it every single time, take a look at yet another drool-worthy look at Atlas’ ASPHDD from Portal 2. Please, do not try to contain yourself – these are only available until 7/15!