When Valve decided they wanted to start making some merchandise based on their killer collection of IPs, they couldn’t have chosen anyone better than NECA. I’ve been meaning to thank them for helping me spice up my sex life perfect my cosplay with their life size portal gun and jumpsuit, but now I have even more to thank them for. These amazing turret figures.

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Portal 2 Turret Collectible Figure Set Checklist

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Today, Wizkids/NECA released the details on their whole set of Portal 2 Sentry Turret figures, and they’re pretty cool. We knew NECA was making them, and they even gave the fans a chance to vote on one of the designs. They all look to have some pretty nice detail, so even if you don’t like the winner of the fan vote, there’s 9 other options to choose from.

Good Guy Gabe

Apparently the idea to make multiple designs came from Valve itself. I like to think Gabe Newell was walking through a zoo and thought “Hey, all of these animals would look great as turrets!” and just went from there.

The turret figures are approx 3″ tall and are expected to start shipping 10/17/12.  Each figure comes in a sealed box, and we won’t know which one we got until after we buy it. So expect plenty of trading in the school-yard (and around the water cooler).

NECA Wizkids Collectible Portal 2 Turret-post

We’re actually pretty excited for these. The sentry turrets were a pretty memorable part of the game, and NECA has brought them to life with the same eye for detail as all of the rest of their lines.  This is likely to be one of our new favorite desk ornaments around the office and it fits in nicely with the rest of my NECA do-want list. The only question I have now is, where’s the companion cube love?