This past weekend was the 2012 Toy Fair in New York, and it was less than awesome. Some 1,500 toy makers were in attendance, and maybe less than half were open to the public. That being said, there were a few fan friendly toy makers in attendance.  While NECA and Bandai were clearly the winners, there were a few other surprises as well.

Balls of Steel

Up first was the exhibition from Nanodots. while playing with magnets is fun, eventually it gets boring. What can you really do with magnets? They stick together and then you can pull them apart.

Or you could make this amazing magnetic representation of a DNA strand.

Wait, what? DNA made out of magnets? Yes, apparently the reason magnets are boring is because you just don’t have enough of them. The fine folks at Nanodots had a number of awesome magnetic sculptures on hand, and they displayed some of the finest ball work I’ve ever seen outside a porno.

Like this dragon. Pure, distilled, charcoal-filtered awesome.

 It Means Rice, Right?

I thought Dragon Ball Z was done and over with by now. I had hoped it was done and over with, anyway. I mean, come on, that was what, like 10 years ago? Move on people! But then I saw this.

Super saiyen? More like super AWESOME!

Even not being a fan, those are some amazing Dragon Ball Z action figures. Goku, Gohan, Vageta, and the rest of the menu are all brought stunningly to life in this series of figures from Bandai. I was almost sorry I didn’t like the show after seeing these. Almost.

NECA Delivers the Gaming Goodness

With their extensive collection of video game and movie licenses, it’s no surprise NECA had an awesome booth. From Freddy Krueger to Ezio Auditore, the line up was pretty impressive. But with all of the numerous offerings they had, a few stood out more than others.

Ash of Evil Dead fame. I will post his picture at every opportunity.

This as yet unpainted Ash from Evil Dead comes complete with a dear head. It’s like someone at NECA is a fan as well.

The Valve lineup

If you’re a fan of Valve games, this is like a wet dream come true. An entire line of figures and toys based off Valves properties is coming to life under the talent at NECA. Although, I have to admit, I’d be hard pressed to buy half a Boomer.


Murph is pretty beat up in this figure, but he still hasn’t looked this good in years. If you prefer your RoboCop action figures with a little less wear and tear, don’t worry, you can get one of those too.


These are three life size replicas from three different video games. The first is the sky hook from BioShock Infinite, which isn’t even out yet.

Can't wait to play with this in real life AND the game!

But it gets even better!

You don't even need to lose a finger for it.

An Ezio Auditore Hidden Blade That Works!

That’s right, a life size hidden blade! It may not be too effective at silently killing your enemies, but you know you’d wear it all day when you got it. And that Old Ezio figure is pretty sweet too. Check out the demo below (less than 30secs):

As amazingly awesome as this is though, there was one more surprise that made my pants tight.

GlaDOS not included

Dear NECA, I must own this. I am willing to trade oral gratification for one. Please respond. Seriously, I’ll kill someone if I don’t get one.   A life size Portal Gun?

Who wouldn’t kill to get one?

Here Are Some Toys You Dont Have To Wait For

Some of these toys are months away from going on sale, but you can order these now: