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Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway Winners!

It’s been a long month. After countless tweets, Facebook and Google + posts, we finally chose the winners of our Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway!

At the end of April, we announced that we were giving away 3 newly released Gears of War Retro Lancers from NECA, in popular game skins. Entering the contest was simple enough – What would you do for a Retro Lancer? Most creative, funny and/or elaborate answers win! 1 winner was chosen from Facebook, Twitter and Google +, giving us a total of 3 winners.

The Twitter Winner Is…

Without further delay! Your Twitter Winner is @slikkback! It was extremely hard to choose a winner from Twitter; There were so many clever, funny and original posts. However, slikkback prevailed a won a sweet Electric Green Retro Lancer! Enjoy!

Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway Winners!, Game Crazy
Congrats, Slikkback!

The Facebook Winner Is…

The person with the most creative answer on Facebook is Mario Villegas Akumario Uchiha! Mario impressed us with his perseverance and multiple funny answers. We hope he enjoys his awesome Deadly Cute Lancer!

Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway Winners!, Game Crazy
Congrats, Mario!

Lastly, The Winner For Google + Is…

Like the Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus saw its share of great submissions. However, it’s still a contest, which means we have to pick a winner. Michael Perrella had the most creative answer on Google Plus! Now he can proudly call himself the owner of the Team Metal Lancer!

Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway Winners!, Game Crazy
Congrats, Michael!


We’d like to say congratulations to all of the winners! We hope you guys love the Lancers as much as we do. And as for the other contestants, it was NOT an easy job picking the winners! All answers were extremely funny and creative, making our jobs difficult as it was hard to choose the best of the best.

We will be holding other giveaways, so there will plenty of other chances to win some bad ass prizes. Stay tuned, folks!

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