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Win It Before You Can Buy It – Gears Of War 3 Series 3 Action Figures!

Our last contest we gave away some truly awesome Retro Lancer replicas from Gears of War 3. We at Game Crazy think it’s time to start our new giveaway. This time around, we’re not asking people to simply post ideas on our Facebook, Twitter or Google +, we’ve come up with something a little more interesting…

Win It Before You Can Buy It

We will be giving away the entire Gears Of War 3: Series 3! If you didn’t already know, series 3 consists of the following:

  •  Journey’s End Marcus With Gold Lancer
  • COG Soldier
  • Savage Theron Version 1
  • Savage Theron Version 2
Win It Before You Can Buy It – Gears Of War 3 Series 3 Action Figures!, Game Crazy
You know you want them...

These figures won’t be available to the public until the beginning of July, but one lucky Gear Head will be able to win the entire collection before you’re even able to buy it. Do we have your attention yet?

Gears And Pets

Here’s what we need you guys to do. We’re asking all you Gears Of Wars fans to get creative and take pictures of your pets and your current Gears collection. Everyday, people dress their pets up in the most ridiculous costumes; Chewbacca, A Ninja Turtle, a robot, Elvis, it’s true. Just google it.

Now it’s your turn to turn your pet into a Gear Head. Ok, maybe you don’t want to dress up your pet. Understandable. But maybe stage them in your own Gears situation? Record a video clip of them playing on your XBox? The sky’s the limit! Don’t have a pet? Now’s the time to ask your neighbor for that favor they owe you. Time to get creative!

Win It Before You Can Buy It – Gears Of War 3 Series 3 Action Figures!, Game Crazy
Beat this!

Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

You can submit your entries the same way you did for the Lancer contest, but in case you forgot, we’ll remind you.

  • Like us on Facebook and then simply submit your entry onto our timeline!
  • Follow us on Twitter and send your entry in a post! Don’t forget to tag us in your post – simply type “@gamecrazycom” or else won’t see it!

Circle and +1 Game Crazy on Google + and send in your entry! To tag us on Google +, type “@” and start typing Game CrazyWin It Before You Can Buy It – Gears Of War 3 Series 3 Action Figures!, Game Crazy

Restrictions & Other Details

Unlike our last contest where we gave you more than a month to get your submissions in, this one will be quick. We’re giving you a week to send us your best material. 1 week. We will announce the winners on June 19th. Here are the restrictions:

  • There are no limits to how many answers you can submit.
  • There are no restrictions as to what media you can use – videos, pictures, music, text, and any others are welcome.
  • You are welcome to submit multiple answers to Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we are only shipping within the U.S.A.
  • Please do not harm any animals while participating in this contest.


The winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality. Don’t forget, you only have 1 week to get your entries in! So what are you waiting for? Grab your dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles, pet armadillos and get to work!

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