It’s Been a Long Time Coming

To say BioShock Infinite is hotly anticipated would be an understatement. We’ve already got the action figures, the Columbia statue, and the Sky-Hook replica. And at midnight, we’ll have final piece in the puzzle: the game itself. Check out the new launch day trailer, below (WARNING – RATED M):

The steampunk-styled video game has been in development for almost five years, and we’ve been getting teases since 2010. But judging from the reviews it’s receiving, the wait will have been worth it.

Game developer Irrational even posted an infographic that makes it clear how epic of a project this has been:

bioshock stats

More on the Horizon

There’s definitely more to come: the three DLC packs already available would suggest that more downloadable content is a distinct possibility. Plus there’s more merch in development, too (like this upcoming Motorized Patriot action figure). Now if you’ll excuse us, there’s a groove to be worn in our favorite chair.