New Titanfall Demo Shows Off Full Speed Multiplayer Action

Last week, a brand new demo of the much-anticipated Respawn Entertainment title, Titanfall, hit the Internet. It’s a full speed walkthrough of a multiplayer match that shows off all aspects of gameplay in one 15-minute chunk. Everything from standard one-on-one

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Call of Duty: Ghosts – A New COD for a New Generation of Consoles

Memories. It was just over a year ago when I wrote my first article for the GC Blog. That article was about the Black Ops II announcement. I talked about how the game was going to explore the future of

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Sniper Elite V2: Testicle Exploding Fun

One of the main features of Sniper Elite is the realistic ballistics, but the absolute best part is the kill-cam. Check inside for pics and a live demo!

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