Time To Show Girl Gamers Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Now, there’s the usual banter that goes on between gamers online and then there’s the stuff that crosses the line, for real. Harassment of female gamers is on the rise and big media outlets are starting to take notice.

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Marathon Gaming Sessions – Gamers, You’re Doing It Wrong

Here are some tips you can follow that will enable you to sit down for a video game marathon and live to talk about it. Who knows, it might save your life.

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Sleeping Dogs Is The John Woo Action Movie: The Game [REVIEW]

A GTA style Hong Kong, Batman martial arts, and John Woo. They may say to let sleeping dogs lie, but you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.

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Failure To Reboot – 21 Games That Need A Relaunch (3-1) Final Edition

We finish our coverage 21 games that desperately need a reboot or a re-launch. The Top 3 may be a little surprising, but it really shouldn’t be.

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PC Gamers vs. Console Gamers – The Ultimate Showdown

Throughout the history of video games, gamers have been arguing with each other over, well, just about everything. No matter what happens, no matter what new gaming consoles get released, this argument will go on.

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See the Light in Deadlight – Zombie Survival Done Right!

Deadlight delivers an excellent visual experience paired with tight game play. The backgrounds come to life beautifully, and on more than one occasion, I hesitated to proceed simply because I wanted to take in the scenery.

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Top 5 Video Games That Should Be Movies

Video games are a great source of culture. Regardless, let’s take a look at 5 video game franchises that should be turned into a movie.

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Digital Downloads, Physical Media, And The Future Of Used Video Games

What are the benefits of owning physical media like game cartridges/discs as opposed to digitally downloaded versions of the same games? Why spend money on shelf space when it’s cheaper to buy hard drive space?

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Failure To Re-Launch: 21 Games That Need A Reboot (10-7)

We continue our coverage of 21 games that desperately need a reboot or a re-launch (aka a sequel). Let’s take a look at numbers 10 to 7.

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Kickstarter To Fund Ouya – An Open Source Game Console!

there are only 3 commercial game console developers. However, thanks to Ouya and massive Kickstarter support, a new console will be born!

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Dawnguard Is Too Much Like Skyrim Apparently [REVIEW]

Dawnguard came out last week. According to some insipid game reviews by other gaming sites, it’s not good. We tell you why they’re wrong.

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Video Games on TV Shows – What Games Are They Playing?

If they’re going to show video games on TV, wouldn’t capturing the gamer demographic in a more accurate light help the show in the long run? Video game pandering only helps to perpetuate the gamer stereotypes.

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When Games Mimic Life in Unexpected Ways

As more and more people spend more and more time online trying to escape their real life, it’s only natural that our digital experiences will start to more closely resemble our real lives. While we think of video games as fixed environments, they’re not. The digital domain is starting to become more like real life in an effort to keep us ensconced in the illusion.

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The Wii U Pro Controller – There Is A God, and He Loves Nintendo!

I know people have been hating on the Pro Controller because of it similarities to the 360 controller but hey, let’s let the patent courts settle that one. Lets just be happy a controller exists like this for the Wii U. Now we can really experience the Wii U’s hardware without being distracted by its tablet controller.

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Diablo 3 Tips – Surviving Hardcore: Part Two

For those brave enough to venture into Hardcore mode, we’ve got some tips on how to be survive it. Only the best are willing to go into Hardcore, but even the brave could use some advice from time to time. Part two goes deeper into how to survive and beat this challenging game.

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Retro Lancer Replica Giveaway Winners!

After a month of suspense, we at Game Crazy are finally announcing the winners to the Gears Of War Retro Lancer Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Diablo 3 Tips – Surviving Hardcore: Part One

For those brave enough to venture into Diablo 3: Hardcore mode, we’ve got 12 tips on how to be survive it. Because we like to be extremely thorough, this article is in 2 parts. Only the best are willing to go into Hardcore, but even the brave could use some advice from time to time.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Is The Sinful Video Game Dessert We Have Loose Belts For

With most of the anticipated new releases already on store shelves, the upcoming release schedule doesn’t have many games that really jump out at you, except for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Even the insanely popular and mostly naked Game of Thrones had a video game release. So what’s to look forward to in the coming weeks?

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