Where’s the Next Generation? The Financial Risks For Sony and Microsoft’s New Consoles

Sony and Microsoft have been painfully slow to put out the next generation of consoles… This infographic shows major reasons why PS4 and Xbox 720 are delayed.

Date: 10/10/12 3:58 PM By:

Does EA President Frank Gibeau Have Comforting Words About Future of Gaming?

A little bit of fatigue has set in, says Frank Gibeau of EA regarding console hardware, as he explains EA’s plans for the future of gaming. Check it out!

Date: 09/14/12 2:13 PM By:

PC Gamers vs. Console Gamers – The Ultimate Showdown

Throughout the history of video games, gamers have been arguing with each other over, well, just about everything. No matter what happens, no matter what new gaming consoles get released, this argument will go on.

Date: 08/21/12 2:38 PM By: