We Want One: NECA Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica Coming in 2013!

It’s just one more reason to get to NY Toy Fair this year, where the Gravity Gun will be on display for the first time. As if you needed the excuse.

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Did You See the New Team Fortress 2 Action Figures from NECA? Go Behind the Scenes!

You know we loves us some TF2. One of Valve’s BEST games and just more proof how into what they do those people are, Team Fortress 2 is finally coming to life with brand new limited edition action figures from

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NECA’s “Jingle All The Way To 30K” Contest — Win Free Stuff from Portal, BioShock & Avengers!

NECA’s giving away Portal ASHDD replicas, Avengers figures and BioShock Skyhook replicas just for liking them on Facebook!

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When Games Mimic Life in Unexpected Ways

As more and more people spend more and more time online trying to escape their real life, it’s only natural that our digital experiences will start to more closely resemble our real lives. While we think of video games as fixed environments, they’re not. The digital domain is starting to become more like real life in an effort to keep us ensconced in the illusion.

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[MEME] Who’s as Good as Good Guy Gabe?

Meet Gabe Newell Together with fellow former Microsoft employee Mike Harrington, he founded Valve Corporation in 1996. He made Half-Life. He made Half-Life 2. He made a billion dollars. And he answers your email. See? Imagine how good a person

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The Best Gaming Toys from New York Toy Fair 2012!

This past weekend was the 2012 Toy Fair in New York, and it was less than awesome. NECA and Bandai were clearly the winners, check out what they had to show and why they ROCKED.

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