Call of Duty: Ghosts – A New COD for a New Generation of Consoles

Memories. It was just over a year ago when I wrote my first article for the GC Blog. That article was about the Black Ops II announcement. I talked about how the game was going to explore the future of

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Iron Man Giveaway – 16″ Kotobukiya ARTFX Light-Up Statue!

“It’s times like these when I realize what a superhero I am.” Welcome to another installment of Game Crazy’s weekly giveaway contest! We had a great time last week with our Street Fighter IV Action Figure Giveaway, and the prize

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Microsoft Confirms New Xbox – Let the IllumiRoom Speculation Begin!

It’s really happening! It’s finally happened, everyone. Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a new Xbox. I know, I know, we all knew it was coming, but now Microsoft has made it official. Just like Sony did back in

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Street Fighter IV Action Figure Giveaway – Alternate Costume Ken & SDCC Exclusive Guile!

HADOKEN! SONIC BOOM! Here we go again with another great Game Crazy contest and giveaway! We hope you enjoyed last week’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Giveaway. That winner has been chosen and the Ezio and DaVinci Glider have been shipped off

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Why Next-Gen Consoles Are Not Ready for “Always-On”

Video games and the Internet have had an on again, off again relationship for a while now. Yet with the increase in video games that can only be played while connected to a game server, the two seem dedicated to

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Assassin’s Creed Giveaway – Rare Ezio Action Figure & Flying Machine!

“You would not believe the things I have seen, Mario.” We just got finished shipping off the rare Bioshock Edition Executioner from last week’s Resident Evil Action Figure Giveaway, and now turn our attention to this week’s giveaway! We’re bringing

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Can’t Make It To E3? Local Comic Conventions Offer Video Game Goodness

I Wish I Had Swag There are gamers all over the world who wish they could go to big video game conventions like E3 or PAX, but simply don’t have the means. Whether it’s because they live too far away

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Should Assassin’s Creed IV Have Featured Connor Again?

Recently, GameCrazy got a tip (Yeah, you can give us tips, too!) about a fan initiative to get Ubisoft to make another Assassin’s Creed game featuring Connor, the half Native American/half Templar protagonist from Assassin’s Creed III. The Wolfkin Initiative

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Rare Resident Evil Action Figure Giveaway – Executioner Majini Japanese Edition!

Any last words? We just sent out the prize from last week’s BioShock EVE Hypo Giveaway, and we were so happy with the enthusiastic response we’re giving away another rare item, this time from the Resident Evil series. Game Crazy

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BioShock Infinite: Turning NPC Interaction Upside Down

Warning: Light BioShock Infinite spoilers ahead Over the years, the gaming community has developed a love/hate relationship with the infamous “NPC” or “Non-Playable Character.” Actually, it’s been more of a hate/hate relationship, since these computer controlled characters have been relying

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BioShock 2 Giveaway – Win an EVE Hypo Light-Up Replica!

“Even Daddy’s toys have toys…” More than one contestant answered last week’s question correctly, but only one was lucky enough to be chosen to win that rare Marcus Fenix Gold Lancer action figure in our Gears of War 2 Giveaway!

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Video Game Commercials That Gave Us the Chills

As video games have advanced over the years, so have video game commercials. They used to be boring ads that were about as exciting as watching paint dry. Sure, they might have had celebrity endorsements, but since video games were

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Rare Gears of War 2 Action Figure Giveaway!

“LOOK AT ALL THAT JUICE!” With Sheva Alomar and the Crimson Head Zombie from last week’s Resident Evil Giveaway on their way to one lucky fan’s collection, we’ve got an amazing prize lined up for you this week. Direct from

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The 5 Best Superhero Video Games Ever

If there’s one thing every gamer knows, it’s that it’s hard to make a good video game based on a movie. They’re usually cobbled together as a fast cash grab based on the tie-in. Games based on comics typically get

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Nielsen Study Reveals the True Identities of the Xbox 360 and PS3

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea A recent study conducted by the Nielsen group, the TV ratings people, about how people use their Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 yielded some surprising results. Each console has its own

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Resident Evil Action Figure Giveaway – Sheva Alomar & Crimson Head Zombie

“Preserving the Health of the People” One lucky winner cast out their line in last week’s Google Play Giveaway and reeled in a $35 gift certificate care of Big Fish Games! This week we’re shifting gears and giving away two

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