Why Don’t Gamers Like the PS Vita?

Theories about Why the Vita Has Fizzled A lot of gamers who own a PlayStation Vita have glowing reviews of the handheld. So how come more gamers aren’t buying it? This question has plagued Sony since the release of the

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New Gameplay Trailer for BioShock Infinite is Massively Awesome

Today Irrational Games released a brand spanking new trailer for BioShock Infinite, and we’re more excited than ever. It showcases more gameplay, and highlights the sinister dark side of the floating city of Columbia. If you haven’t seen the new

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Dante’s Inferno Giveaway – Win a Dante Action Figure Plus a NECA T-Shirt!

Gamecrazy.com is giving away a Dante’s Inferno 7″ action figure from NECA. Along with this the winner will also get a sweet T-Shirt. Check out this prize!

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Are Backwards Compatible Consoles a Thing of the Past?

Backwards compatibility has always been apart of our consoles, but it seems like that trend may be changing. We go over what we can expect in the future.

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BioShock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot Gets an Action Figure!

NECA has shown us a ton at the New York Toy Fair this year and we are very happy give you a closer look at their latest Bioshock figures. Check it out

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Just Announced: Gears of War Gets Incredible Taxi Lancer Replica and More!

NECA has just finished showing off its latest Gears of War items at this years New York Toy Fair. Check out some of these great new additions to the line!

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BioShock 2 Giveaway – Win a Big Daddy Rosie Action Figure!

Gamecrazy.com is giving away an enormous action figure this week. See how you can win this Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Rosie action figure from NECA. Enter Now!

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Sony Invites Us to “See the Future” –
and Maybe the PS4 – on February 20

Save the Date! The march towards the next generation of console gaming just picked up the pace a bit with Sony’s announcement of its “See the Future” event on February 20 in New York City. At this event, the next

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Gears of War Giveaway – 2012 SDCC Exclusive NECA Gears of War Poster

Gamecrazy.com is giving away rare Gears of War posters that were only available during the 2012 SDCC featuring all figures made by NECA up to that date.

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Neo Geo X — the New Handheld for Old-School Gamers

This past December, Tommo Inc. released the Neo Geo X, a handheld gaming system that pays homage to the good old days of Neo Geo gaming. Are you ready for it?

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Dead Space 2 Giveaway – Light-Up Isaac Clarke Action Figure & NECA T-Shirt!

Gamecrazy.com is giving away a light up Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke action figure in celebration of Dead Space 3. See how to win this great NECA figure!

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BioShock 2 Giveaway – Win Three Action Figures!

Gamecrazy.com has a set of Bioshock 2 action figures to giveaway from NECA. Enter to win a Ladysmith Splicer, as well as a Young Eleanor and Little Sister!

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Are Tablets and Smartphones Replacing Mobile Game Consoles?

We are about to enter the next gen consoles with a bit of a surprise. Tablets and Smartphones are looking to take the stage as a major influence.

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DmC Breaks the Rules, Offering Free DLC on Day One

Devil May Cry returns this week and it features some day one DLC in the form of the Bloody Palace Mode. Here are some of our thoughts on this new trend.

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Marvel HeroClix Giveaway – Win a Giant-Size
X-Men Apocalypse Figure!

Gamecrazy.com has a special giveaway this week. See how you could win a HeroClix: Giant-Size X-Men Apocalypse figure. See how you can win this sweet prize

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Gears of War Giveaway – Marcus Fenix and COG Soldier Action Figures

Gamecrazy.com is giving away a rare set of Gears of War action figures from NECA. Enter to win Marcus Fenix and a COG Soldier from this fantastic series!

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FTL: Faster Than Light Review – The Best Space RPG Out There!

FTL: Faster Than Light has burst onto the scene as one of the best indie games this year. See what we thought of this amazing space RPG/Simulator.

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How Angry Birds: Star Wars Won Me Over

Gamecrazy.com takes a deeper look into the new smash hit Angry Birds: Star Wars. This fantastic spinoff is sure to be on everyone must play list this year.

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