You know we loves us some TF2. One of Valve’s BEST games and just more proof how into what they do those people are, Team Fortress 2 is finally coming to life with brand new limited edition action figures from NECA!

What more could you ask than Demoman and Pyro?

But it’s one thing to put out awesome figures of Demoman and Pyro in a limited edition of 10,000 each — and it’s another thing entirely to include exclusive downloadable content in the package, so that you actually get more TF2 just for picking up the action figures!

As a part of their ongoing series of posts covering what goes into making their products, NECA recently gave an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse at the Demo and Pyro and they look amazing!

Pyro Behind the Scenes

Paint or no, Pyro is a menace.

Loaded with weapons, Pyro includes his trademark flamethrower and a fireman’s axe, among others you can see at NECA’s website.

NECA Team Fortress Action Figures - Pyro 3NECA Team Fortress Action Figures - Pyro 4NECA Team Fortress Action Figures - Pyro 5NECA Team Fortress Action Figures - Pyro 6

Demoman Behind the Scenes

Demoman: Who ever heard of a whiskey belly?

Along with his whiskey bottle — don’t leave home without it — Demo also includes his grenade launcher, packaging to mark the limited edition and over 25 points of articulation! All the better to knock back a few drinks!

Now we’re talkin’!

On Their Way

These figures aren’t expected to be out until after the New Year, but hopefully they’re just the start of a long line of great Team Fortress 2 characters to come from NECA!

For more behind the scenes fun, check out the full NECA post here: NECA Behind the Scenes with Team Fortress 2