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The McRib is Back! Who Said Don’t Play With Your Food?

Those who know me are aware of my unconditional love for the McDonald’s McRib sandwich. For those who don’t know, the McRib made a come back; it’ll be available later this year (to my heart’s delight). Unfortunately, since the GameCrazy site focuses on game-related material, there’s no way I can write a gaming article about the McRib… or can I?

My fellow GameCrazy writer challenged me to just such a feat, so… Challenge Accepted!

Let’s take look at 3 different ways you can “game” with the awesome McRib.

#3 A Christmas Story McRib Challenge

The McRib is Back! Who Said Don’t Play With Your Food?, Game Crazy

This one is easy. First you get a group of friends together and buy 6-10 McRibs for each of them (we recommend double that amount). Then pop in a DVD of A Christmas Story and watch until the very end. You get to take a bite out of your McRib anytime the following happens:

A. Someone mentions a Red Ryder BB Gun.
B. Ralphie’s dad mentions the furnace.
C. Someone says “You’ll shoot your eye out!”
D. The Leg Lamp is turned on or off.

A better alternative is to watch it on cable during TNT’s annual “24 hours of A Christmas Story.” You’ll have to make sure you stock up on McRibs ahead of time though (we recommend 4-8 dozen), but it’s totally worth it. There are so many games that can be made with A Christmas Story!

#2 Spin the McBottle

This is possibly my favorite of all the games and can be played solo or in a group. As a matter of fact, solo is preferred. Take 6 McRib sandwiches and place them in a circle (like a clock). Now spin a bottle in the middle of it — when the bottle stops spinning, take a bite out of the McRib it is pointing to. Repeat until all sandwiches are eaten.

The McRib is Back! Who Said Don’t Play With Your Food?, Game Crazy

In group games, take the entire sandwich out of the game if the bottle points to it (you don’t want to share your cooties with the other contestants). If the bottle points to “nothing” then you don’t get a sandwich. The best part of this game is that you have a good chance of winning 2 or more sandwiches! If you need to spice things up, add McDonald’s french fries to the mix.

#1 Zombie McPocalypse

This game works much better outside than indoors, and is way more fun if you have children. First you want to set up some tables and chairs in random locations. Take your McRibs, cut them into 3 sections per sandwich, and put the sections on the tables and chairs. See where we’re going with this?

The McRib is Back! Who Said Don’t Play With Your Food?, Game Crazy

Start chasing the children like a zombie. Make sure you drag your feet and make loud moaning noises. Anytime you get close to a McRib, pick it up and eat it — make sure you have no table manners, because the BBQ sauce over your face and hands will help sell the zombie look and make you look like you’re from Resident Evil. Then chase the children again until you get to the next McRib and repeat. If you run out of McRibs, don’t eat the children.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by McDonald’s, nor do I get compensated by them. I have diabetes and high cholesterol, but that’s not going to stop me from eating the McRib on days that end in “y.”

The McRib is Back! Who Said Don’t Play With Your Food?, Game Crazy

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