Take this, it will keep you safe

We know just how much you loved our last Gears of War SDCC Jace Stratton Giveaway. With the holidays approaching, we’re back with something you’ll really need… a survival kit! Because you gotta be prepared when you’re deep in the department stores… er, trenches with the Locust Horde.

NECA has provided us with an outstanding assortment of goodies for one lucky fan. This ultimate survival kit prize pack includes:

  • Gears of War messenger bag,
  • Curb Stomp first aid kit,
  • Gears of War canteen,
  • Set of Gears replica Cog Tags!

The Prize Pack

The winner of this giveaway will receive the complete Gears of War prize pack of items listed below:

GoW Messenger Bag

logo bag

This grey messenger bag is the perfect way to flaunt your Gears of War fandom. Whether you are using it to bring your gear to battle, or leaving the house for the afternoon, it’s an essential travel item for any Gears of War fan out there!

Curb Stomp First Aid Kit

curb stomp kit

Killing locusts all day can be hard work. Be sure to have a supply of Gears of War curb stomp first aid kits stashed around the house in case of emergency. You never know when they will come in handy!

GoW Canteen

omen canteen

What survival pack would be complete without an exclusive Gears of War canteen to keep you hydrated? This jet black canteen with the classic Cog Gears of War logo is just what you need for your adventures.

GoW Replica Cog Tags

cog tags

The final piece of the puzzle, or “cog in the wheel,” for this prize pack is a set of replica Cog Tags. Every fighter of the Coalition of Ordered Governments should have a set of these and wear them at all times.

The Contest

In order to enter this giveaway you just need to answer the following question – “With what game engine is the Gears of War franchise created?”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Final Details

It’s easy to enter this giveaway — all you need to do is answer the trivia question. If you really want to win this prize pack, use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to gain an advantage!

  • This contest will run from 12/4/12 until 12/10/12
  • The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email
  • People outside the US may participate, but we can only ship the prize within the US

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ll be giving away even more in the weeks to come. Let us know what you would like to see given away next.

Good Luck!