“Strip the Flesh, Salt the Wound!”

With the gun-toting Agent 47 and Grayson Hunt shipping out to one lucky fan from last week’s Hitman / Bulletstorm Action Figure Giveaway, it’s time to honor that age-old gaming tradition of battling an endless stream of blade wielding maniacs!

This week, you can win Dead Space 2 Necromorph Slasher and Borderlands Psycho Bandit action figures! What a great way to start building your own army of psychotic minions!


Dead Space 2 – 7” Action Figure – Necromorph Slasher

width570 44767_Series_2_Necro

From Dead Space 2! One of the more common necromorphs found in an outbreak, the Slashers are so named for the sharp, blade-like bone protrusions from the arms of their host’s body. An additional set of arms extend from their abdomen to keep their twisted and rotting bodies stable during attacks.

This 7” action figure features 17 points of articulation and removable limbs, which need to be severed should you stand a chance putting a stop to their scourge.

Borderlands – 7” Action Figure – Psycho Bandit

height650 44592_Series_1_Psycho

Broken minds and an insatiable hunger for flesh make the hordes of Psycho Bandits one encounters in the Borderlands a deadly threat. Shirtless, wearing a white mask and dressed in orange pants, this certifiable headcase comes armed with his trademark “buzz axe.”


In order to enter the giveaway you must answer the following question:
“What is the name of the stricken mining ship that acts as the setting for the first Dead Space game?”

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In order to enter the contest, you must first answer the trivia question correctly. You can gain more entries with Facebook and Twitter!

  • This contest will run from 03/12/13 until 03/18/13
  • The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email
  • People outside the US may participate, but we can only ship the prize within the US

Always be sure to let us know what you would like to see in future giveaways. We love to hear your feedback and it is very likely that you could see it be the prize next week!