“You would not believe the things I have seen, Mario.”

We just got finished shipping off the rare Bioshock Edition Executioner from last week’s Resident Evil Action Figure Giveaway, and now turn our attention to this week’s giveaway!
We’re bringing you a special unhooded, ebony costumed Ezio Auditore from the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood video game! Not only that, we’re throwing in a really cool Da Vinci’s Flying machine so Ezio can cruise the air currents of renaissance Italy in style. One lucky winner will get them both! For more information, continue reading.


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Ezio Action Figure (Ebony Unhooded)

670height 60850_Ezio_Ebony_Unhooded

From Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood comes this highly detailed unhooded Ezio figure in ebony garb. The 7” scale figure has a whopping 38 points of articulation and three sets of interchangeable hands! You can even re-create Ezio’s stealth attacks with the retractable and removable blades on the gauntlets.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

570width 60827_Da_Vinci's_Flying_Machine_(Glider)

A highly detailed replica of Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, the awesome glider seen in AC: Brotherhood! The glider’s wingspan extends over 2 feet and the wings and tail are articulated. A 6″-7″ scale figure can be placed in the harness underneath and the cannon pivots and fires a spring loaded projectile. *Figure not included*


a Rafflecopter giveaway

In order to enter the giveaway you must answer the following question: “What is the first name of Ezio Auditore’s sister?”

In order to enter the contest, you must first answer the trivia question correctly. You can gain more entries with Facebook and Twitter!

  • This contest will run from 4/23/13 until 4/29/13
  • The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email
  • People outside the US may participate, but we can only ship the prize within the US

Always be sure to let us know what you would like to see in future giveaways. We love to hear your feedback and it is very likely that you could see it be the prize next week!