HeroClix Fun, iPad Style!

The fine folks at Icarus Studios and Wizkids have unleashed their newest creation on the gaming world: HeroClix TabApp. I’ve tested out this game quite a bit and I have to say that it’s great game for any iPad owner.

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons you should get HeroClix TabApp:

#5: You’re the Hero

tabapp reason 5

Forget about wearing tights on Halloween or pretending you have webshooters every time you drive under a street light. HeroClix TabApp is about being the Superhero you always knew you could be. With a tap of the finger, you can fight dozens upon dozens of enemies, and slash them to bits. Trust my when I say that wearing tights isn’t fun — you make a funny noise when you walk, you itch in all the wrong places, and people look at you funny.

Want to be a Superhero? Go get HeroClix TabApp.

#4: Your iPad Needs Better Games

tabapp reason 4

Angry birds is fun… for the first 30 minutes… but then you’re wondering if there’s something a little deeper to play… and there is! Forget about pulling back a slingshot and launching a bird, HeroClix TabApp is about slashing your opponents down with Adamantium claws! Best of all, the app is FREE on your iPad device.

Heck, you can even download it and play with the demo hero!

#3: It’s HeroClix!

tabapp reason 3

That’s right, the game itself is 100% compatible with the HeroClix game you know and love. The package is pretty simple — you get 3 HeroClix figures that come on deluxe bases. The bases allow you to play TabApp on your iPad, or you can place them directly on the HeroClix tabletop map! So on Saturdays you can head out to your local HeroClix tournament and K.O. your friends at the table, and on other days you can stay home and K.O. your enemies on your iPad!

It’s a win-win!

#2: Fun for Adults and Kids

tabapp reason 2

We’ve already talked about why adults should play it (so you can be a hero), but HeroClix TabApp is also fun for kids! Every child loves tapping on the iPad screen, and tapping to make Thor attack his enemies is just icing on the cake! Go ahead and get a TabApp set and watch in delight as your child shouts “pew pew pew” as his Iron Man blasts away all the bad guys. Your kids deserve this kind of fun.


tabapp reason 1

Yeah, that’s right, you can claw your way to the top with Wolverine. The first set comes with Wolverine, Iceman, and Cyclops (one of the best mutants of all time). If you’re not a mutant lover, you can get the Avengers set which features Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. You still want more? Then pick up the DC pack which comes with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.

There’s something for everyone with HeroClix TabApp!