The Wii U Pro Controller – There Is A God, and He Loves Nintendo!

I know people have been hating on the Pro Controller because of it similarities to the 360 controller but hey, let’s let the patent courts settle that one. Lets just be happy a controller exists like this for the Wii U. Now we can really experience the Wii U’s hardware without being distracted by its tablet controller.

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Lollipop Chainsaw Is The Sinful Video Game Dessert We Have Loose Belts For

With most of the anticipated new releases already on store shelves, the upcoming release schedule doesn’t have many games that really jump out at you, except for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Even the insanely popular and mostly naked Game of Thrones had a video game release. So what’s to look forward to in the coming weeks?

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Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console – What Console?

IGN recently posted an article saying that Microsoft is currently manufacturing the replacement for the Xbox 360. Microsoft never misses an opportunity to say that they are firmly committed to extending the already lengthy lifespan of the 360 with new content and third party partnerships. Some recent announcements by Microsoft and EA seem to indicate that a next gen console might not be that far off.

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Sequels- Is The Second One Better Than The First?

While the trailer for COD:Black Ops II looks fairly impressive, is this going to be a game the Black Ops faithful want? Being placed in the future should give this sequel a nice Bieber-esque feel compared to its classic rock listening hippy brother, Black Ops, but does that mean it’s going to be better the second time around?

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