New Portal 2 Gun From NECA

NECA Announces New Portal Gun Based on
P-Body’s Device [VIDEO]

A new edition of the Portal Gun features new light colors and special racing stripes from Portal 2. Check out the pics and video!

Date: 05/9/12 3:30 PM By:

GIVEAWAY – 3 NEW Gears Of War 3 Retro Lancer Replicas In Popular Game Skins

Read to learn how you can win one of the 3 new Gears of War skinned Retro Lancers. It’s as easy as answering a question! Only on GameCrazy!

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An Introduction To the NEW Game Crazy

Twenty years ago, video games were a niche hobby. Now it makes more money annually than Hollywood. We’re here to stay, and we’re Game Crazy.

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Meet Gizmo Jolie-Pitt

Everyone loves the Gremlins! Specifically, the cute Mogwai. Even the Brangelina family, which has been instructed to not feed him after midnight. Check out the full picture now.

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Go Nuts @ Game Crazy Black Friday

NECA really hooked us up! During Black Friday weekend. we’ll be offering 7 exclusive bundles, featuring products across titles such as Gears Of War 3, Lord Of The Rings and Watchmen! These are $120-150 for retail, but you’re getting them for $35!

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